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Lockdown thrills

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It happened! I can't tell you how long I've wanted a horny stranger to come on to me in a big way when I'm out on my mountain bike. He was a brut of a guy too with fingers thicker than many a cock I have encountered. His hands were like dinner plates. He didn't know it but he came to my rescue in more than the way he thought. I'd been out on my bike a few times recently in this particularly rural area of North Wales not so far from home. A woodland with some great tracks and technical sections. The lanes on the way are frequented by stray sheep more often than vehicles but occasionally this f… Read more

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499 Oh Ian how things have changed 4


499 Oh Ian how things have changed 4 It was on the following Wednesday that Ian saw Jim again, he was just off to work May having gone on the bus earlier, and Jim was delivering the paper`s as he left the house, they exchanged greetings, and Ian noted Jim`s grin, asking, “if something had happened and if he was ok?” the lad said, “his Mum had received the message from May and was going to come visit on Friday night, as she wants to meet you both!” that came as a surprise as he knew nothing of Mays plans, but he nodded and said “good, and that he would look forward to it…!” Then off he went. T… Read more

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Ginger and I


I was window shopping online for a playmate when I met her. I had been looking for a partner for a long time and her profile really caught my eye. I got started chatting with her and we had a lot in common, so we made the decision to finally meet. We met up at a local coffee shop and spent about an hour talking. We decided that we could get along well together as we both had very similar fantasies. Her name is Ginger, very fitting as she has beautiful long red hair, she is 5’2” tall and about 110 lbs, with a perfect 33 A set of tits. We went to the local adult store to get something to fulfill… Read more

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Kath likes to watch. Part 2.


A week had passed since our first time with Kath watching. Several more 'sessions' down the lane had followed. Each one better than the last. Kath getting bolder. Betty and I talked about her a lot and the big question was....would she? Kath was clearly interested in me, attracted to me, had confided so to Betty and now more recently had expressed privately to her friend to wanting a 'go' with me. Things were looking good it would be just a matter of time, we shouldn't rush her. Besides we were both enjoying being watched, in those close confines of the car, where sound and movement were a… Read more

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My New life - Part 5

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Meet the family. A month had passed since realising and accepting my fate, I had missed my flight home, my master locked my passport, wallet with cards, laptop and phone in the safe. I was now owned as a slave to my master. I had spent the last month doing chores every day, keeping our home clean and tidy; I was also tasked with learning the language, I had been on an intensive course of learning the language and was now able to start speaking and understanding the basics. I was in training too, still understanding his complete needs, what made him happy, how to serve him, but I know he was… Read more

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JZL11_05-"I Didn't Mean To Do It!"

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At the intersection where we'd usually turn to go to Annie's house, we stopped walking to talk. There was a longer way to walk home if we were going off to play rather than just go home but, if we turned now, she'd have to stop at home before she could play. Annie asked "Do you like Sherry?" "Sure, we've been friends a long time." "I mean like kissing, girlfriend liking?" "Uh, I guess. She and Maureen and I get along really well." "What about me, do you like me too?" "Sure. Not that I've kissed you yet." "You could, you know. I heard Sherry say something about you kissing whoever you wa… Read more

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Slug trail

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I've held onto this story for a while. Maybe it has been out of embarrassment, guilt, fear of being misconstrued, or just not knowing how to process it. Now that I'm older, I'm not ashamed – and I have returned to it as a defining moment in my evolution, if you can call it that. Gerald lived around the corner from my family. For years, I had mowed his lawn, as I did for most neighbors growing up. In the two years since Gerald's wife died, however, my family tried to spent a little more time with him. Mostly, that duty fell to me, whether it was lingering in his dusty living room after… Read more

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The party piece - a fantasy?


I was asked to write down one of my fantasies by someone. I thought I'd share it with you all too. Having read it back, not sure if it's really a fantasy/story. It could be read as a detailed description for a play scenario. It concerns being paraded and used at a party, just a ‘play toy’ to be taken advantage of. I suspect this is not an uncommon fantasy. ===== In my mind, I am dressed in a corset, breast forms, bra, suspender belt and stockings. Heels would be locked on – not that I would be in a position to remove them. It would be up to my Dom(me) to determine if I was allowed… Read more

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Jerry’s World – The Aftermath


I think Kay had led a sheltered life having to look after her elderly Grandpa which must have taken up a lot of her time, she was amazed at how I enjoyed sniffing her panties which told me that her Grandpa wasn’t into that and as she made his tea she encouraged me to do it more, OMG this was so horny. The old man was already flagging as Kay put his tea down, “He’ll be asleep soon Jerry” she said with a giggle, “Got time for another beer?” she asked as she watched me sniffing and licking her dirty knickers, she could see my eyes rolling and my cock responding to the head rush. “Wow Jerry, I ne… Read more

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The truth

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I have been feeling weird , its been a while, i dont know why, but something is wrong i am getting hyper sensitive and cant stop playing with my ass The first time i felt it was after a night with friends i was drunk back at the apart taking a shower and i shiver , my body so sensitive and tingling , rubbing my tits pointing out like small little cones i started being aroused and get hard i had the urge to touch myself down there and without realising i sad poping i finger in and out full of soap moaning and feeling so special down there i cum like a fountain a finger in my ass deep, horny… Read more

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Joy Of Masturbation

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Joy Of Masturbation By: Londebaaz Chohan Humberto Castillo made sure that everything was nearby on the bed or on the side table. He re-checked the items, he had listed in his mind. The tall glass of Scotch on the rocks, an ass plug, the latest and the most fashionable bottle of lube gifted to him by the sugar daddy before he went to see his daughter, the phone and other items as well. Every needed item was there as HC took his stiff and fully erected, fat cock in his hand and also felt the heavy weight of his balls before settling on the bed with couple of pillows behind his back to suppor… Read more

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How I became a slut for huge sweaty old men

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i stayed at an all boys summer camp when i was younger. we had a counselor who stayed in our dorms, and i was a bit of a loner so he would spend more time w me. He was a large man, bald head and goatee, built like a linebacker. He should special interest in me. He would always ask me for hugs or rub my shoulders, and i liked the attention bc i didnt get it anywhere else. He started rubbing my legs too i never told him to stop i just thought he liked me He would always try and shower when i was showering and talk to me he would stand right in front of my while he washed his body and i rem… Read more

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The "Gracie Experience"

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This is a true event. This email was received on July 3, 2019. When Gracie was 55 years old, she had sex with a young gentleman. He was grossly obese and worked at McDonalds. Addicted to video gaming and porn, she wanted to make a difference. The event changed his life. My wife is devoted to making people happy and has a soft spot for those "less fortunate". I am so very proud of my wife. Please enjoy. Dear PJ, When I first wrote to you, I never dreamed that I would actually get to have sex with your wife. In my lonely world, she was a “star". At most, I had hoped for some type o… Read more

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The Purple Building

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Adult activities and Adult Book Stores adventures, The Purple building as most of us called it. Next to I-10 flashing lights and the usual big adult book store sign open 24 hours with truck parking. Another place in town to take in and enjoy porn, self pleasure and multiple sexual encounters. I've defenitly had my share of fun and what if's. Getting out of car walking toward the door a mini van rolls up, it was full of women. The front passenger window went down and the lady asked if I wanted to go with them and have some fun. I've often thought to my self what would have happened if I had. A… Read more

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Mistis Adventures Part 198

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The next morning, in two households, well apart from each other, they all made a fairly early start to what would be a VERY busy day. In the Tinsley house, the girls had both returned home with Mike and Ben, and spent another VERY satisfying night. Before going to work, Van had been instructed on many varied, and diverse, things. She had learned to do a back flip in the MOST seductive manner, by going onto her hands, and spreading her legs in a split, one leg forward, and the other leg back, to COMPLETELY expose what they all thought, was a totally delectable, tiny, pink, and sopping wet pus… Read more

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Breezy Beach Rendezvous

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He found himself standing on the beach. He was naked yet curiously he experienced no shame or embarrassment and he was at the shore's edge impassively observing the wavelets break relentlessly upon the rippled sand. The sea was green, the sky was blue and the sand yellow. It was like a c***d's crayon drawing - primary colours in a primary world. He had alternately swum and sun bathed here many times in the past. It was his home town, the town of his birth and c***dhood. Something suddenly came to mind that he thought he had long forgotten… He was f******n again and lying on a towel spre… Read more

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My wife's Sexual Exploitation


The Sexual Exploitation of my Wife. The last few days of our vacation in Mexico were winding down way too quickly. I had taken my wife Carmen, her mother, Alice, and our 18 month old son for a 10 day vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Getting away from our cold Canadian winter was a much needed distraction, as I had been recently laid off from my job as a consultant in the Oil and Gas industry. If I hadn’t promised Carmen this trip ever since she got pregnant, I would have cancelled it, as our spending would no doubt have to tighten up in the months to come. It was great having Alice along, as sh… Read more

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Fucking a Double Mastectomy


Before Gina there was Marion. Marion Montgomery. I haven’t spoken about Marion before and I don’t know why. Shame. Respect. Discretion. Cowardice. Yeah, probably cowardice. Marion was about fifteen years older than me at the time – she was just about fifty. I knew her from the local library where she worked. She was witty and intelligent and also quite religious. On occasions I would have a coffee with her and she would make me laugh with tales about the people who would come into the library. She also had some interesting theories and observations about life she would come up with and whic… Read more

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Caned Hard by Miss Adams


I had just avoided a slippering from the green track-suited, stocky and powerfully built, sandy complexioned, Mister Butcher the P.E. teacher, when the internal phone buzzed... October 1973: I was just eighteen years of age and my name, Ima Kant. 'Butch', as he was more commonly known, marched over and with barely concealed irritation, picked up the receiver. "Sports hall, Mister Butcher speaking... yes, he is... right you are!" The sports master turned and then barked at me in his strong Yorkshire accent: "Triewly! Get yourself down the Headmaster's office - pronto!" I felt momentarily s… Read more

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A Merciless Birching

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Drifting. Drifting. Drifting. Me. Now. Today. This morning. Erect. Semi-erect. "Sounds like Oscar Pistorius has just tried to kill himself. He’s been seen with bandages over both his hands. Reckon he’s attempted to slit his wrists," my missus says, who has just opened the door to the lounge. She’s walked out now and is along the hallway. Not erect at all now. Yeah, pain. Intense pain. Can you really remember it? Can you re-live it in your mind? Can you? You see, I don’t think you can. I think you can remember things you have seen; things you have smelt, things you have heard. I thi… Read more

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